PPA International AG is successfully active in the international wholesale of mobile devices. For our customers, we are a strong partner – from Germany we buy worldwide and sell to independent entrepreneurs in the EU and third countries.

Our Philosophy and Values

Customer Satisfaction

Our product range and service are always geared to the wishes and needs of our customers.


From order acceptance to impeccable delivery.


Through a modern corporate culture and with employees for whom the enthusiasm for mobile communications is self-evident.

Our company history

History is not made in one day.

The most important key data are shown in the

Development of PPA International AG at a glance:

  • Peter Marggraff and Hamed Sam Jam discover their common interest in building a company in the mobile phone wholesale market. Both were previously active in various functions in the mobile phone trade. Mr. Hamed Sam Jam and Mr. Peter Marggraff start a company under the name “PPA GmbH” as wholesale trade for mobile phones.
  • Establishment of the company. Market observation, building business relationships.
  • Set-up of foreign trade.
  • Mr. Jam and Mr. Marggraff jointly form PPA International AG to involve investors.
  • Expansion of business relationships leads to more than 100 million euros in sales.
  • Expansion of business relationships leads to more than 200 million euros in sales.
  • The business success is further expanded. The management’s investment participation in the company is carried out in order to strengthen personnel development and loyalty to the company.
  • PPA International AG expands the team with additional foreign language expertise, thereby expands the communication profile for foreign trade.
  • In August 2017, Dr. Christian Pahl joined as CEO. In the last 5 years prior to his entry, Dr. Christian Pahl was the CEO of an international pharmaceutlical wholesale company (parallel import). Mr. Hamed Sam Jam (COO) leads the daily operations.
    Mr. Peter Marggraff (CBDO) is responsible for business development.
  • In November 2018, the company achieved a monthly turnover of EUR 39 million for the first time. Annual sales will exceed EUR 300 million for the first time.

  • In fiscal year 2019 (provisional, unaudited) sales of EUR 358.3 million (+13%) were achieved. EBIT was increased +102% to EUR 3.7 million and net profit +122% to EUR 2.2 million.

  • The value of using different price levels and availability of electronic devices around the world has been particularly apparent in the first 10 weeks of the year.

    In times of supply bottlenecks for high-quality smartphones, the differentiation in customers’ willingness to pay is even more evident than in times of normal delivery situations

  • The monthly sales of 42.3 million EUR in November 2021 was the highest sales in the company’s history.

  • The monthly turnover of EUR 56.2 million in July 2022 was the highest turnover in the company’s history.